Item #123475 An Interlunar Sunder [Bound in a bottle]. William Kolasa.

An Interlunar Sunder [Bound in a bottle]

New York: The Iron Star Press, 1999. First Edition. Softcover; First Printing. F/F. Item #123475

Fine condition - never opened or taken out of the bottle. Kept in a protective plastic case since published. ; Bound in a bottle. First and Limited Edition, 1999. Art by Lucas Kolasa. ISBN-10: 1891763091. Ultra rare.; 4to - 11" to 13" tall; 107 pages; An Interlunar Sunder comes in a bottle due to the DRUNKEN NARRATOR, a sea captain that sails off in the novel's close. The only way anyone could receive this book is if the narrator made it from his ship's materials (simulated parchment as the sails, copper ring binding as the sail ringing...), put it in a bottle, and threw it overboard. The enclosed novel is comprised of one novella, three short stories, several poems which shape the narrator's character, and illustrations to give lines to the narrator's eyes. The novel's design is to compete with modern media - meant to be read in three hours, and re-read several more times, inspiring the imagination, invigorating hope. A story begins, then several pages along the narrator stops it with a fair good night, he may be drunk, needing of a walk, etc... this same story will pick up exactly where left off perhaps 20 pages later, in the mean time other stories having begun, poems, illustrations, and journal entries. This all makes for an extremely adventurous read, in the drunken narrator's true pirate spirit. Editorial Reviews: "This is the Book of the Century" This book is a fantastic find, incredibly original, and establishing a new genre of fiction- Literary Artistic. The reader is drawn into the world of the book immediately, and finds quickly that it is very difficult to let go. The book manages to compete, rather successfully, with modern forms of entertainment, like TV, or movies, because it can be read in three hours straight, yet affords the reader more depth and understanding with each re-read. -- Panes of Black Writers' Guild. William Kolasa graduated from St. Bonaventure University in Olean, NY, with a degree in English, and a minor in Justice, Peace and Conflict studies. He has written 9 novels, of which An Interlunar Sunder was the first to be published. He has also written 2 screenplays, and written and directed 3 Off-Broadway plays. He takes an active interest in all facets of his books, including the production and design, which he feels are integral to the completeness of the "Literary Artistic" model. Because of this, he himself came up with the design of the book and of the bottle for An Interlunar Sunder, and hand-made each one. When not writing, he swims, plays clarinet, hikes, and reads.

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